By Armor Type

Mage  Morten0.00
Mage  Tirzula0.00
Priest  Ðeviljin0.00
Mage  Erogma0.00
Priest  Dawnalya0.00
Warlock  Yxion0.00
Priest  Nisch0.00
Mage  Madfatman0.00
Priest  Petitpoulet0.00
Priest  Alturboi0.00
Mage  Minimorts0.00
Priest  Teliana0.00
Warlock  Ryo0.00
Warlock  Kerplock0.00
Warlock  Xyvira0.00
Priest  Unholey0.00
Priest  Desora0.00
Warlock  Himotep0.00
Mage  Lapsan0.00
Mage  Atherton0.00
Warlock  Gigimaru0.00
Priest  Gwynhannwn0.00
Priest  Shimmer0.00
Priest  Myané0.00
Priest  Nôdoubt0.00
Mage  Gribbin0.00
Priest  Adoré0.00
Mage  Narla0.00
Priest  Faradir0.00
Priest  Flatdisk0.00
Mage  Ayligona0.00
Priest  Prayorpay0.00
Mage  Disc0.00
Mage  Magelven0.00
Mage  Ametraal0.00
Warlock  Aeathna0.00
Warlock  Höhenheim0.00
Warlock  Winnowill0.00
Warlock  Pérky0.00
Mage  Stoneflower0.00
Priest  Dianete0.00
Mage  Airani0.00
Priest  Xylias0.00
Warlock  Nevelenem0.00
Priest  Opacity0.00
Mage  Vlammenzee0.00
Priest  Kerpzorr0.00
Mage  Milamber0.00
Priest  Menelven0.00
Priest  Strange0.00
Warlock  0.00
Druid  Graidon0.00
Rogue  Menoir0.00
Druid  Zirga0.00
Druid  Rayha0.00
Druid  Swaip0.00
Druid  Shiftypanda0.00
Druid  Druidelven0.00
Druid  Zaken0.00
Rogue  Roguelven0.00
Rogue  Elrànien0.00
Druid  Kíxxy0.00
Rogue  Flashpan0.00
Druid  Slimeman0.00
Druid  Takasha0.00
Druid  Leafo0.00
Rogue  Kryis0.00
Druid  Aldith0.00
Druid  Ihvon0.00
Druid  Charlynn0.00
Rogue  Malky0.00
Druid  Calzara0.00
Rogue  Sopdawg0.00
Druid  Chirley0.00
Druid  Lovelyears0.00
Rogue  Myers0.00
Rogue  Charissá0.00
Druid  Kieria0.00
Rogue  Candlé0.00
Druid  Istara0.00
Druid  Mightymorph0.00
Druid  Shrubie0.00
Druid  Melian0.00
Druid  Shiftycènts0.00
Druid  Highfather0.00
Hunter  Arandeal0.00
Hunter  Huntelven0.00
Shaman  Elements0.00
Hunter  Arrowio0.00
Hunter  Npg0.00
Shaman  Shamenelven0.00
Hunter  Grombi0.00
Shaman  Trollmagne0.00
Hunter  Ismoli0.00
Shaman  Pijiu0.00
Hunter  Shagràth0.00
Shaman  Hypnótoad0.00
Shaman  Elaviel0.00
Shaman  Chidori0.00
Hunter  Dirin0.00
Shaman  Erubus0.00
Hunter  Ebisu0.00
Shaman  Kytus0.00
Shaman  Wíndthorn0.00
Hunter  Soloshots0.00
Hunter  Quartro0.00
Hunter  Wíndstórm0.00
Shaman  Mitchu0.00
Shaman  Aurie0.00
Shaman  Oddgèir0.00
Hunter  Våthund0.00
Hunter  Menoír0.00
Hunter  Jafneh0.00
Hunter  Kerphunter0.00
Hunter  Indigojones0.00
Shaman  Lilwindfury0.00
Hunter  Farlands0.00
Warrior  Optìmusprom0.00
Death Knight  Kaiten0.00
Paladin  Bluubs0.00
Death Knight  Bígchrís0.00
Death Knight  Darkspeech0.00
Warrior  Bamsebrakar0.00
Paladin  Creeas0.00
Paladin  Mirkam0.00
Death Knight  Darigon0.00
Warrior  Bayónetta0.00
Warrior  Murrdok0.00
Warrior  Wynter0.00
Death Knight  Theride0.00
Paladin  Euri0.00
Warrior  Funkingrage0.00
Death Knight  Rekick0.00
Death Knight  Gaiseric0.00
Paladin  Pandemonium0.00
Warrior  Conspirator0.00
Paladin  Bàraim0.00
Death Knight  Níppleflíck0.00
Paladin  Labisi0.00
Death Knight  Grimmr0.00
Warrior  Kérp0.00
Paladin  Uthor0.00
Warrior  Teliaris0.00
Death Knight  Kerpzor0.00
Warrior  Andre (Rustybead In Game)0.00
Paladin  Sparkypark0.00
Paladin  Bubblehs0.00
Warrior  Meanelven0.00
Paladin  Roxxan0.00
Warrior  Smashy0.00
Paladin  Eleg0.00
Death Knight  Dkelven0.00
Where are my guild's characters?

By default any character on the Character List in the Admin area that is marked as Raid Eligible will show here. However, if you have enabled the feature to require the characater to be on the raid roster then the character must be on the raid roster for this pool to show on this page.

Exclusions May Be In Effect

Characters not meeting minimums of Effort/Earned and Gear/Spent and Priority/Total have been excluded from this list. These characters will show in the All Members list, but will not show here because the minimums are not met.
No FB Yes FB Hand (smaller) Lap 40.063em Desk 64.063em Wall 90.063em